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How long will it take to repair my credit?

Each individual's credit report is unique, so the length of the credit repair process will differ for each consumer. In general, most credit repair companies try to make the first round of results visible within 30-45 days. Maximum results may take longer, up to six months for some people. The time frame largely depends on the number of questionable derogatory items on your credit report and the number of creditors you have.

Is credit repair legal?

Though credit bureaus would like you to believe otherwise, credit repair is perfectly legal. Not only is it legal to dispute items on your credit report, it is also your right to do so, as declared by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. To draw an analogy, credit repair is as legal as making a "not guilty" plea in court.

Is credit repair expensive?

Credit repair is available for a very reasonable price, sometimes a fee-per-month basis. The cost of credit repair pales in comparison to the long-term savings it will bring you. Think of credit repair as an investment. Paying 30-40% more in interest rates than the average consumer becomes costly in the long-run. Credit repair is a one-time investment that will save you from wasting your money on higher interest rates, fees, and other penalties down the road.

What about repairing my credit myself?

You might think you will save yourself some money and try to repair your credit on your own. This is certainly possible, but it probably won't get you the results professional credit repair could. Credit repair companies are experts in credit laws and skilled in dealing with creditors and credit bureaus. Their sole job is to advocate for you to improve your credit report, and they bring a wealth of experience and know-how. Credit repair agencies will do the legwork for you, and they add professionalism. The magnitude of the results you will see with professional credit repair will likely be greater than what you could do on your own, and you will see these results faster.

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